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Top Cars to buy in Jamaica

Top Cars to buy in Jamaica

One could easily identify so many cars we could discern to be the “Top cars to buy in Jamaica”. But it all boils down to what reasons are there to chose the cars we like. “Top Cars” is a broad heading or category if you will. Top cars could mean “Most Affordable” or we could say that it means the “Most Luxurious”. We have to break it down to the “nitty-gritty” in order to conclude which cars are the most ideal ones to be placed in the category of “Top Cars to buy in Jamaica”.

Customers buy cars for various reasons. I personally think the following reasons are several to bear in mind in order to discern which cars are the “Top Cars to Buy in Jamaica”. We look at:

  • In-demand vehicles: vehicles that are most commonly bought for varied reasons.
  • Performance: Every buyers concern, really. I do believe this to be a key point of interest for every vehicle owner or potential owner.
  • Cost and affordability: Persons will go for what their pockets can afford. They will look at what they are getting for their money. They’ll weigh the pro’s and con’s to see if the vehicle is really worth buying.
  • Personal preference: I’ve seen so many people stick to one brand for one reason or the next. You’ll have a “Honda Man” or a “Nissan Man” stick to the evil they regard as the best.

Over the years, the car scene in Jamaica has evolved. Cars seen ten years ago are no longer the ones that are being bought and used nowadays. This is all due to the importing of these different types of cars. Once upon a time, minivans and seven-seater cars were ridiculed but they have become an ideal vehicle for public transport.

The importing of vehicles has allowed for a variety of new vehicles to become available to the country. These cars range from Toyotas, Volkswagons to Audis. Honda Fits, Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swifts and Mazda Demios are several smaller, economical cars that are quite popular in Jamaica. But with all these “new” cars in circulation, one has to consider that the outstanding fact remains that “New does not always mean better”.

I therefore dare to say that “Top Cars” may not even be the newer model cars. They may be plentiful but do they truly give you a real bang for your buck.

New cars are readily available to be purchased due to what options are readily available to the car customers of Jamaica. Jamaicans are able to take advantage of:

  1. Car Loans: Financial institutions provide full car loans to purchase that new car. Not every customer can afford a car that cost $800,000 to over $1,000,000. Banks won’t lend customers money to purchase older, cheaper cars. This therefore forces customers to take “advantage“ of the car loans available
  2. New Cars are readily available in great abundance. There are so many car marts across the island that makes vehicles readily available for purchase. Every major town and city contains numerous places that offer a wide range of new cars.

It is with all of these reasons and more in mind that it has come down to a valid conclusion. This conclusion is quite contrary to the beliefs of the societal push to own a new car. I dare say that older cars are on my list of “Top Cars to buy in Jamaica”.

My Top Five Cars to buy in Jamaica are:

  1. The ever loved Honda Civic 
  2. The trusty Toyota Corolla
  3. The Sporty Toyota Supra
  4. The hot Nissan Skylines
  5. The super cool Mitsubishi Evolution 

Older models are still in high demand by customers. They are way less complicated, longer-lasting and offer a better resale value. These cars make up a vast portion of Jamaica’s car society.



Fulla H.N.J.

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