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Digicel or Flow, The bitter truth…

Digicel or Flow, The bitter truth…

Digicel or Flow? This has been a never-ending battle for every mobile user in Jamaica. In recent times, every customer has been questioning whether to switch to FLOW or to stick with Digicel. Flow is being praised for cheap call rates, which leaves the people wondering whether to go for the runner up or stick to the “evil”.

Digicel entered the market years ago and had Cable & Wireless (now FLOW) hobbling. They knocked them out of the top spot. Digicel came in and conquered for a good while until they started busting our pockets. They squeezed the living daylights out of its customers’ wallets. Their call rates were so traumatizing that it had its customers jumping ship. They jumped to LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless), which empowered them for a while but Digicel still controlled a huge chunk of the market place.

Digicel used per minute billing on their prepaid plans. It became much cheaper to make calls through LIME (now Flow). There was a competition between the two to see which network could offer the best plan that would attract even more customers.

FLOW made attempts to win over customers by offering number porting. This is a process involving transferring a customer’s number from one network to the next. So customers were not always stuck with their numbers on one network. They had the option of transferring their mobile number from Digicel to FLOW.

Customers have cried out to Digicel regarding the amount of talk time they would get. It seemed like they would pay more money for less minutes. Credit (minutes) seemed like pouring water through a sieve. It “ran out” so fast that one would wonder where it went. It was noticed though that with Digicel calls, the audio quality is much better than that of the competitors. Flow had major issues that needed to be sorted out before they could even be considered a top-network provider of quality call and data services.

Now Digicel has created a number of plans for the past two to five (2-5) years and we got so comfortable with the Famous 2-Day Plan. When this was withdrawn, it caused great dismay among its customers. In my point of view, the current 28-Day plans are not so bad given that they have adjusted the lower-end prices a bit by adding another option. They range from $150 to $4,000 all lasting for 28 days. In other words, a prepaid monthly plan.

Flow on the other hand is quite the opposite.  Customers have said that the credit didn’t seem to end, likewise the same with Flow’s internet data. Flow prepaid plans range from $150 to $1,750. They are marked at 2-days, 3-days, 7-days and 30-days.

There is also no obvious difference in speed either.

In conclusion, which is the better network? Digicel or Flow?

Having not much regards for Flow, I find myself almost ready to write off Digicel! Flow has come a long way. They are scored as being the second best. What this means is quite simple. It means they have to do so much more to try and impress the customers. They have to implement so many tactics to try their utmost best to win over its customers. If any customer were to be asked which network they prefer, they’d probably say Digicel. Digicel has a broader and more expansive customer base, making it the network of choice for most Jamaicans.

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